Install Ubuntu 18.04 on ASUS Republic of Games (With NVIDIA Driver) and Mac Theme

Desktop Desktop

Install Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Download Ubuntu ISO image from Ubuntu Official Website download link

  2. Find an empty USB Thumbdrive with at least 2GB (mine is 8GB), and create a bootable USB stick following the tutorial for Linux and Mac

  3. Follow the Installation Guide to install.

  4. After installation, you may find black screen after login. Follow the guide here and here to login and install NVIDIA drivers by sudo apt install nvidia-driver-435. Reboot.

  5. Update the softwares by running sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade. Remove unnecessary software by running sudo apt autoremove.

Install Mac Mojave Theme

  1. Install the Gnome Tweak Tool: sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
  2. Install the OS theme / browser / iconset / wallpaper following the github-link
  3. Dock
    • Install: sudo apt install plank
    • Download the Plank theme: link
    • Hold Ctrl button and right click, Preference -> Appearance, choose Gnosemite.


Ubuntu 18.04 with Mac Theme